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Tax Cuts! Tax Cuts! Tax Cuts!

All praise be to the Republicans! They are finally going to do something for the American People. They will lower the taxes of the average person with a nice little time-bomb attached to get their taxes to actually go higher at the end of 10 years. But thank Christ, the tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations will be everlasting and permanent. Lord knows that those hard working sons of bitches at the top of industry deserve a bigger paycheck, and corporations have a long and storied history of taking advantage of tax cuts to create jobs instead of paying executives more and giving the savings to shareholders.

Sarcasm is said to be the lowest form of humor, those that say that are idiots. It really is the only way to address the wholesale theft of wealth from the poor and working class and giving it to the wealthy, without crying in desperation. I know that socialism is a dirty word in America (as well it should be), but taxing the wealthy is not socialism. It is not the same as taking all proceeds from industry and redistributing it. Corporatism is a pretty sweet precursor to socialism, and yet when so called conservatives propose these atrocious financial rapes of the American People, mouth breathing half-wits all over the country cheer for all the imaginary jobs that are certain to be created. Even better is that this American Corporatism does it wrong, by giving all the benefits to the corporations with no return to the People, in most countries it results in the Government running the corporations, but not here, instead we give the money and the power to CEOs who likely couldn't explain the basics of what their companies do — with literally no benefits to society or the nation.

The lie sold by Republicans regarding huge and helpful corporate tax cuts is always that these fine companies make jobs for low-lifes like you and me. Unfortunately, there is less than zero support for that claim. Think of all the wonderful jobs created in the 1980s and 1990s, no jobs were sent overseas then, were they? Nope, not a single one. All our customer care phone numbers ring a phone here in America on the second floor of the factory where products are made for our consumption. In the last 56 years the years with the highest growth GDP have all happened when the corporate tax rate was greater than 46% and the highest personal tax rate was higher than 50% (with some of those high growth year having a corporate tax rate over 50% and the top personal tax rate over 70%). Clearly these miracle tax cuts don't actually work in practice the way that the Republicans pretend they do.

The fact of the matter is that Republican tax cuts (the SAVIORS OF THE NATION!!!) are the reason we're swimming in debt. Do you really think that billionaires will shut down their businesses if the tax rate goes up? Part of the reason that CEOs pay has increased so grotesquely in the last 50 years is repeated tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy. Shareholders would not allow boards of directors to keep signing off on these ridiculous salaries if it was all going to taxes — they would demand that the income be placed back into the actual business or dividends. But as it is, they need to do something with the ill-gotten gains, so they accept ridiculous salaries and bonuses. The fear that executives would flock to other nations is just plain laughable, they wouldn't go anywhere, and if they did who cares? Every single one of them is replaceable — in most cases by scarecrow with a funny hat. When was the last time you heard of a new CEO sweeping in and saving a company? 1980s at best.

High taxes don't prevent job creation, lowering taxes has historically been proven to NOT create jobs. Growth of the economy is what creates jobs. Reïnvestment by corporations into the companies and employees is what creates growth. Forcing a reduction in executive pay because it's wasted on personal income tax for the bosses helps growth, because no investor wants to see all their money disappear into a tax hole — especially when that tax hole is a greedy executive. CEOs will definitely try to downplay their salaries as just a tiny part of the companies' overall expenses - which is true, but face it 250 more people with jobs will spend far more than one greedy asshole socking it away so they can get boners over their bank account or wasting it on “luxury” items that just keep the money with the rich.

The Republicans are selling a lie, pure and simple. All their claims of job creating, fair taxes, and job creator incentives is nothing more than a personal tax cut for themselves and their super-rich donors. Once upon a time, I leaned far more towards Republicans than I do today, because they are brazen in their catering to the rich at the expense of the poor and their craven refusal to address the worst thing to happen to American politics since Andrew Jackson known as Donnie J.